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Request Tapad to delete, or send a copy of your data by sending a CCPA or a GDPR data request.

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To send a request please fill in the following information which will help the organization locate your data. Submitting this form creates a request email which you can review and then send. This website does not keep any of the information entered. Read more about Data Deletion on our Frequently Asked Questions.

This will be used by the organization to identify you.

Choose regulation based on your place of residence, unless you have a specific reason to choose differently.

Optionally provide any additional information which will help the organization to locate your data in their information systems such as Username, Customer ID or Account Number. Please do not provide your password or any personal information which the organization does not already have.

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Email: [email protected]
Privacy Policy: https://www.tapad.com/privacy

Number of request sent: 64

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